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African 3 Hour Midvaal19-07-2014Info
African 3 Hour Midvaal
Following on from the success of the 2014 African Six Hour event the organizers will be holding the African 3 Hour 2014 event at Midvaal Raceway. The race will be of 3 hours duration Trophies will be presented for Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Class winners and Index of Performance. The organiser is Classic Car Events.

The African 6 Hour 201422-02-2014Info
The African 6 Hour 2014

The African 6 Hour Endurance Race,
Phakisa Raceway, Welkom, Free State, South Africa
22 February 2014.

Following on from the success of the 2013 African Six Hour event the organizers will be holding the African Six Hour 2014 event at Phakisa Raceway.
The date of 22 February 2014 has been applied for from MSA.

Race Format:
The race will be of 6 hours duration starting at 14h00 hours and ending at 20h00 on Saturday 22nd February with a Prize Giving immediately after the event. Trophies will be presented for Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Class winners and Index of Performance.

The Organisers:
The organiser is Classic Car Events. The same organizing team as 2013 will be running the event.

The entry fee for one car with a maximum of three drivers is R3500.00. Twelve pit passes will be given to each entry


Classic Car Events
Roger Pearce
+27 828970771

Lap of Zimbabwe06-09-2013Info
Lap of Zimbabwe
The Lap of Zimbabwe 2013 is an adventure trip for vintage, classic and interesting cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes travelling through Zimbabwe and its surrounding countries.
The event runs from Friday the 6th of September 2013 to the finish on the 22nd September, a total of 17 days on the road.
This event takes place following the successful 2010 Lap of Lesotho, the 2011 Lap of Botswana, various Cape to Cairo events and other touring events organised by Classic Car Events over the past ten years.
The Lap of Zimbabwe 2013 is a challenge taking in roads of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mocambique, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana.
The return distance from Johannesburg is approximately 5000km.

The African 6 Hour 201323-02-2013Info
The African 6 Hour 2013

The African 6 Hour Endurance Race

Phakisa Raceway, Welkom, Free State, South Africa
23 February 2013.

Endurance Racing. A serious business.

The African 6 Hour Endurance Race will be the longest circuit event in South Africa for a great number of years. For many potential entrants this will be their first taste of a long distance race. It will produce a winning team that can be totally proud of their achievement.

The organisers, CCE Events, are asking for entries as soon as possible as the race is limited to 60 cars only and from as many categories as possible.

The spirit of endurance racing is about durability, The African 6 Hour is not a series of interconnected sprint races but one long gruelling event. It will require solid investment in the car and crew and equipment required to complete the event.

Team Management is a key factor. For those of you who have watched Le Mans and similar races either live or televised will recall how organisation, equipment, strategy and meticulous attention to detail both on the part of the drivers and team, can make the difference between finishing, winning or losing.

CCE will be making every effort to attract overseas competitors but it is primarily an event for South Africans to enjoy, so get your entries in early, prepare your team and vehicle to the highest standards and let’s make The African 6 Hour an event to be proud of, both now and in the future as, we aim for a World Endurance Championship race in the near future. There is great interest overseas in having a WEC race in Africa.

Let’s be sure it is in South Africa.

Lap of Botswana 201227-04-2012Info
Lap of Botswana 2012

The Lap of Botswana 2012 is an adventure trip for vintage, classic and interesting cars travelling through the countries that surround Botswana.

The start is planned for Friday the 27th April 2012 and the finish is two weeks later on the 11th May 2012.

The official start is from Upington in the Northern Cape. There will be a convoy to the start venue from Johannesburg and possibly other centres.

Click the Events News/Updates button for additional info.

Cape to Cairo 201106-09-2011Info
Cape to Cairo 2011

The Cape to Cairo event, called the African Odyssey 2011, is a 52 day trip from Cape Town to Cairo. Contact Roger on roger@afriod.co.za or +27828970771.

Click the Events News/Updates button for details of the Cape to Equator leg.

MG Winter Rally - July 201117-07-2011Info
MG Winter Rally - July 2011

A one day event around Gauteng on the 17th July 2011.

A round of the 2011 Firestone SARRA Regional Championship and a round of the Total Blind Navigators Series.

The event has a special category for Novices and Beginners. Click here for the Novice Entry Form

See www.sarra.co.za for more details.

Freestate Tiger Tour 201116-06-2011Info
Freestate Tiger Tour 2011
The Tiger Tour is a five day event in the Northern Cape and the Freestate visiting Christiana, Taung, Vryburg, Kuruman, Kimberley, Magersfontein, Koffiefontein, Philipolis, Bethulie and the Gariep Dam

The central theme of the trip is a visit to Tiger Canyons just outside of Philipolis to see the world famous Tiger sanctuary run by John Varty of Londolozi fame.

MG Indaba Tour 201012-09-2010Info
MG Indaba Tour 2010
The MG Indaba Tour is an interesting way of getting to the MG Cango International Indaba to be held at Kleinplaas in Oudshoorn. It follows the Lap of Lesotho event and entrants can do either or both events, the Indaba Tour being a follow on to the Lesotho event. Good rates and most meals are included. The distances are not long and are suitable for any age MG or similar and the optional gravel roads are in good condition. The distance from Johannesburg to the Indaba and back is 2800km.

Lap of Lesotho 201006-09-2010Info
Lap of Lesotho 2010

MG Winter Rally - July 201018-07-2010Info
MG Winter Rally - July 2010
The MG Winter Rally and Trial will be held on Sunday 18 July 2010. The route will follow quite roads around the Cradle of Humankind and the Magaliesburg areas and is approximately 180km in length. The MG Winter Rally 2010 is a round of the SARRA REGULARITY RALLY SERIES whilst the MG WINTER TRIAL is a fun event for novices.

African Odyssey 200801-09-2008Info
African Odyssey 2008
The African Odyssey is a bi-annual Adventure Tour for classic cars, organised and lead by Roger Pearce, proprietor of Emgee Motors based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The tour takes place in September starting in Johannesburg and travels via Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya to reach the Equator, 18 days and approximately 6 000 km’s later. The tour is scheduled to coincide with the Schweppes Africa Classic Car Concours held in Nairobi, thereby providing the opportunity for participants to enter the Concours.

Silver Spirit Adventure 200801-03-2008Info
Silver Spirit Adventure 2008
www.silverspirit.co.za Two silver haired adventurers in a 1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit From Cape to Cairo to London The story of Mike and Jeanette van Ginkel, two colourful South African characters and adventurers in aviation, who decided to take their lifelong adventure to the road. In 2007, Mike came across a magnificent 1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. She soon became part of their lives and promoted their big adventure … the Silver Spirit Adventure. “Over lunch one day we chatted –why not drive her to Botswana - Why stop at Botswana – Let’s see if we can get to Kenya – Let’s go from Cape to Cairo !!! And on to London?” And so the adventure was born … At the end of March 2008 Mike and Jeanette van Ginkel departed on an epic drive to prove that you are never too old to dream, and that dreams can become reality. On 29 May 2008 the Silver Spirit Adventure reached London. Dreams really can come true! This is the story of their epic trip……… The Silver Spirit Adventure has now been made into a fascinating 8-part TV series which is to be shown worldwide. And now Mike has started on his book.

MINI Odyssey 200608-03-2006Info
MINI Odyssey 2006

Three MINIs, Ten Countries, One Giant Adventure

Kyalami to Silverstone09-06-2004Info
Kyalami to Silverstone
A single handed trip overland from Kyalami race track in South Africa to the Silverstone racetrack in the UK with a 1973 MGB GT.